Frequently Asked Questions

A user must have a computer with internet access and a web browser (we recommend Google Chrome).
Zeus makes participating in government auctions easy. Simply follow the 3-step registration process unique to each auction.
Forgot your password? No worries,  click here to reset it.
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The table below lists the special characters supported by the Zeus Auction Program password field. You can use these characters in combination with letters and numbers while specifying a password.

Name of the Character Character
at sign @
percent sign %
exclamation point !
number sign #
dollar sign $
caret ^
period .
ampersand &
asterisk *
left parenthesis (
right parenthesis )
hyphen -
underscore _
Zeus is SRI's newest government auction program. You may know it as Zeus Auction Program, or ZAP.
SRI is a local government vendor providing tax sale, commissioner certificate and deed sale, foreclosure sales, and document management services to counties/parishes in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, and Michigan since 1989. SRI has offered online government auctions since 2004.
Zeus hosts government auctions, so local elected officials are the sellers.
Good question, Zeus makes conducting an auction simple for both county officials and users. It allows users otherwise restricted by location to participate, generating more tax revenue. SRI also provides support for users giving our officials more time to serve taxpayers. Most importantly, hosting an auction on Zeus is free.
Yes our infrastructure is built on assurance and compliance standards including but not limited to: ISO 9001, FedRAMP, DoD
An online auction is, simply, an auction where bids are submitted electronically.
It's just easier! Everything that happens at a live auction happens online, just electronically. Users register, the auctioneer (Zeus) auctions, and winners pay. It's that simple.
There are tips throughout Zeus, use these to learn more about each feature. Also, you can call or email us! Zeus is new, so we are still working on videos and other support materials the plan is to have those out by May 2015. Need more help?  Please tell us!
No, there is no registration fee for Zeus. Although, each auction has its own specific rules, so if a registration fee is required that information will be provided in the auction's registration information.
Yes, you will need a Zeus account to view auction listings.
No, in fact, Zeus does not accept payments. Each auction will have specific payment guidelines. Typically, a wire transfer to the county's bank is the preferred payment method.
Auctions requiring a W-9 will ask you to provide your tax identification or social security number. Learn more about the IRS W-9 form,  here.
Have you registered for a specific auction? Please remember, you will have to register for each auction you'd like to participate in individually. Why? Well, because a different seller holds each auction. There are new rules, guidelines, and, possibly, forms, so to ensure you get all the appropriate information we require a separate registration for each.
The approval process allows the seller to review your forms for any mistakes and ensure you meet all requirements of the auction.
Your property has delinquencies. Please contact your government official for more information.
No, please contact your local government official to discuss your options.